Monday, July 27, 2009

Side Note.

Alright guys. It's getting difficult to read your comments because you comment on random blogs (especially you, Uncle Ed) so it's hard for me to find them.

Each blog entry has a comment area assigned to it. So if you want to comment about a specific blog, you need to post it on that particular blog's comment section. What you need to do is go to the blog, scroll down to the bottom of that particular blog and click on "1 comments" or "2 comments" or whatever it says. The "# comments" font is small, so you older folks may need to put some glasses on.

Also, since I blog sporadically, you may want to subscribe to my blog so that you know when I post a new one instead of checking every day. You need a google, yahoo, or aim account, so if you have any of these email addresses, you can click on "Follow" on the right hand side of my blog. The hip, younger generation (including Karen) + my technologically savvy father has already done this, so if you have any questions, ask them.

Right now, my housemate and I are snuggled next to the heater listening to Michael Jackson albums. It is freezing here... I had to buy a pair of slippers for the first time in life.

Here is a complimentary picture... and remember, comment in the correct place!

(Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Museum (cube) and the city of Melbourne. [Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy])


  1. Rugby game sounds cool. Im curious, do they play the same games in casinos in Australia as they do here? good luck with classes.


  2. Is this the right place?

  3. Hi Mikey,
    Interesting that last week I spoke to your Uncle Ed about how I had figured out that each blog entry had it's own set of comments. His response was that he was it was all he could do get a comment in much less understand where they were posting. So Ed, if you ever figure out the comment thing in order to view this comment -- " This Blogg has standards, no Blogg for You !"



  4. Am I commenting in the right place?!? Am I following proper commenting etiquette? :)

    I went to see The Fray last night with John, Joey and Sara...guess who we ran into...Maggie! I got to watch a concert with our little sister. Yay! It was really fun, and the only thing missing was you!

  5. Thanks for the "comment tips". Unfortunately, I am also having difficulty with our automated billing computer program at work.

    I love Michael Jackson. There is nothing more loving than sharing your bed, cookies,Jesus Juice, and secret batting tips.

  6. Hi Mikey,

    Jack Logan a full professor at 24 years old, musician extraordinaire, and education software expert posted his comment on your first entry, "B1: Taking Off Tomorrow". So maybe this blogg thing is not as easy as others intimate. Maybe we’ll get our blogg process worked out by the time you get back to San Diego.


    Love, Dad

    FYI, here is cut-out of Jack’s comment:
    This is terrific to hear of your adventures down under. I once was ready to get on a plane and go to play principal trumpet in the Australian Chamber Orchestra, but before I did the conductor died and I never got the chance. I've always regretted losing the opportunity.

    Keep the pictures coming; I'll share the url with your buddy, Drew!


    JDL (Th' Prez)

    July 30, 2009 6:30 AM

  7. Hey Duder,

    Can you email me your address?