Thursday, July 9, 2009

B2: Touchdown in Australia


I have arrived in Sydney, Australia.

We had some tailwind on the way down, so it only took 13 and a half hours. When filling out my customs card, I was saved by the Aussie lady sitting next to me who informed me that Sour Patch Gummies didn’t count as foreign foods. She laughed she when she explained that she had just saved me hours with the customs agents and even gave me her card just in case I had any other trouble while in Australia. I’m so grateful that she decided to help my poor, lost soul.

Once off the plane, I walked through the rain in my sandals and jeans to the trolley station and figured out how to get to my hotel. I spent the day walking the blocks around my hotel. There are lots of Asians (and Asian restaurants) in this part of town. I bought Subway (I know, how foreign, right?) and discovered that the $27 power transformer I bought is unnecessary. I dropped in on the St Mary’s Cathedral, which contained more tourists than praying individuals. The city is beautiful… take a look at the pictures I have posted.

Here are my observations: Rugby is fascinating and cricket is confusing and all they talk about is the field (pitch). I played with the toilet that has 2 flush buttons for a good 15 minutes. For those of you who are wondering, it flushes neither clockwise or counterclockwise. Water flows from the back, then the front, then disappears. Jaywalking is very difficult because Australians drive on the left side of the road and on the ground at every intersection it says “Look right”. Alcohol is very important in this country, as is evident by the 6 different kinds of beers (schooners) stocked in my fridge or by the fact that coming off the plane, I was directed into a room full of liquor. I also ran (literally) into some weird bird. I found his friends nesting in a palm tree squawking incredibly loudly and nobody else seemed as bothered as I did. Everyone has a huge heart here and all are quick to explain their knowledge of surfing in Australia. We’ll see how the coming weeks go.

Tomorrow is Orientation and then I head out to Melbourne. I’ll let you know if I acquire an Australian accent.

Until then,

Mikey Doo


  1. Ohhh Mikey. Almost thwarted by the Sour Patch Gummies. :) I'm so happy that you made it off of the plane safely. We miss you already...can't wait until your next blog! <3

  2. It looks like you are having a great time! What no laffy taffy? We miss you!!!

  3. this blog is an awesome idea. i think u will be happy to learn mike that this is one of 2 blogs i have bookmarked. the other is paul depodestas padres blog (check it out if u havent already). thats how cool this blog is.

  4. Dude, call your mom, she's drivin me nutso. aa

  5. Why one would need two buttons... I have no idea!!

    Did you bring a toitle with you??

    Enjoyed B2 and can't wait to read B3... I'm so happy for you nephew!!

  6. You're in Australia! Sounds amazing. And this blog is absolutely precious. Hope you have the time of your lifeee!


    PS- You went SALSA dancing?? you loved it didn't you? =p