Monday, July 6, 2009

B1: Taking Off Tomorrow.


Here is a test blog.

My day has consisted of creating lists for packing, quadruple checking my passport and visa verifications, spending time with Alexandra, getting ready for dinner with Kimmy and watching baseball for the last time.

Getting ready for the experience of a life time.

Until then,

Mikey Doo


  1. Hi, Mikey
    I love your blog and we are excited to hear of all your adventures..hope you found housing.
    Hope this gets to you.
    gpa and gma

  2. Hey Nephew,
    Great Blog! We've been following this for the past week and I feel as if I'm living Australia through you. Sounds like your having a good time even though you're not sure what your supposed to be doing. I think it's great that you're making the most of this opportunity. Keep the blog going...the whole family is watching and enjoying your experiences. Do me a favor though, keep the kangaroo scrotum in Australia!

    Love, Uncle Mike.

  3. Hi Mikey Doo,
    Just wanted to let you know that your lil cousin was asking about you....she made me replay your video to her three times tonight. Saw our friend that lived in Melbourne for a couple of years...she's gonna send me a list(to send to you) of "must do's" while you are there. Sounds like you are having fun, what a great traveler you are, we are really enjoying reading your blog. Maybe you should consider becoming the next Rick Steve's(travel writer)=)

    Aunt Amy

  4. Hey Mike: I finally was able to read your blog. Juanita and I have enjoyed reading about your exciting adventures. I like being able to see your photographs. I was just reading the blog for the first time and Max recognized your photograph. He just kept saying your name. I told him you were in the land down under. Keep the blog going and we will keep reading. Thanks, Uncle Ed III

  5. Hey Mike: What about "16 and Pregnant", my new favorite? Beer Pong? At Cal we played "Quarters", "Thumper", and "Mexicali" games or just went straight for the beer bong. I guess the French don't hate all Americans. Did you know Uncle Eddie just turned 59 years old on 6/19/09? When Uncle Eddie graduated from high school in 1969, gas was 35 cents a gallon, the Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, and the Gap clothing store was just born in San Francisco. I just read than in my Phi Delta Theta Newsletter and had to share that with you. Juanita, Uncle Ben, Irma, and Uncle Eddie celebrated Uncle Eddie's Birtday at "Thee Bungalow" near Robb Field in Ocean Beach. We had a great time. Keeping having fun. Hit your pitch. Play your game. Be the best that you can be. Stay in the moment. Don't do anything that would involve law enforcement. I've got more where that came from. I look forward to reading more from you. E III.

  6. I enjoyed reading your last entry discussing your orientation. Good Luck on your upcoming classes. There's nothing like a good movie. Tomorrow is Monday. Back to work.. EEEeek! EIII

  7. Mikey,

    This is terrific to hear of your adventures down under. I once was ready to get on a plane and go to play principal trumpet in the Australian Chamber Orchestra, but before I did the conductor died and I never got the chance. I've always regretted losing the opportunity.

    Keep the pictures coming; I'll share the url with your buddy, Drew!


    JDL (Th' Prez)