Sunday, July 12, 2009

B3: Sydney Exploring

(Anyone recognize this? [Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge])


So orientation is drawing to a close and I’ve met some friends going to the University of Melbourne with me (they all already have housing…). I’m dreading the chore of finding housing but it should be easier with my new “Vodafone” cell phone (mobile).

I have been all over Sydney these past 2 days. On Friday night, I went out to the bars. Drinks were at a special for $3.50 for a beer and certain mixed drinks. There weren’t any American beers, but I took a liking to “Toohey’s Dry”. Most of the time, we talked about meeting one of the girls at her university (uni) in Tasmania for some backpacking through the Tasmanian outback (Kimmy, I’ll be on the lookout for some Tasmanian Devils). Hopefully, we all take her up on that offer. Afterward we went to a nightclub… unfortunately it was “CEO Night” so I was a little underdressed. Thanks to some Aussies that we met walking along the street, we were able to bypass the huge line to get in. We hung out, danced for a little while, then made our way back to the hotel.

As part of orientation we took a cruise along Sydney Harbor and saw the Opera House (you may have heard of it), Sydney bridge and all the islands off the coast of Sydney. They had some spectacular views and we even saw some crazy guy jump off one of the islands into the shark infested, freezing waters. We had lunch down in the marketplace where a bunch of street booths were up and selling food, paintings, aussie artifacts, and wine. We passed on the wine tasting… I think it’s an acquired taste (a taste that I have yet to acquire). I bought a gyro, Australian style.

(Something that I was tempted to buy at the outdoor marketplace... Maggie, don't look!)

Saturday night, after orientation, my roommate and some friends bought some Dis2overy passes for 2 passes at the aquarium and/or the sky tower. The aquarium had some dugongs and some of the biggest manta rays and sharks I have ever seen. I posted a picture with someone in it so that you can get a comparison. We saw the sky tower, but unfortunately, the pictures didn’t come out so well.

(I call this the "manta-shark". [Sydney Aquarium])

I’m sitting in McDonalds using their free WiFi (since everyone else charges an arm and a leg for internet) waiting for a friend so that we can go to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne and start looking for housing (eek!). I know you are all wishing me luck.

Until then,

Mikey Doo

(Look closely for the "toitle". [Woolloomooloo Bay])

(I call these "Dino Birds"... Anyone know their real name?)

(Some flowers for mom with Sydney Harbor in the background. [Royal Botanical Gardens])

(The Sky Tower is on the left and it overlooks all of Sydney. [Sydney Harbor])

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  1. I am so happy that the toitle made the trip safely. :) In addition to the beautiful will have to take some rock pictures for Mommy. We miss you Mikey Doo! :)