Monday, September 7, 2009

Wilson's Promontory Pictures (from Brian's Camera)

Ok mom, feel free send me a $1,700 camera any time now!

(What a tight camera! The stars of the southern hemisphere. Look for the "Southern Cross". [Tidal River Campground, Wilson's Promontory])

(Dancing in the moonlight... [Tidal River Campground, Wilson's Promontory])

(Oof! [Mt. Oberon, Wilson's Promontory])
(River of tea. [Tidal River, Wilson's Promontory])

(Rock climbing. [Squeaky Beach, Wilson's Promontory])
(The group! From L to R: Elaine, Mari, Brian, Me, Dawit. [Mt. Oberon, Wilson's Promontory])

(Giving San Diego some love using extra shutter speed and a flashlight. [Tidal River Campground, Wilson's Promontory])

(The emus would slowly walk away and would disappear in seconds. Can you see why? [Cotter's Lake, Wilson's Promontory])

(Wallaby. [Cotter's Lake, Wilson's Promontory])
(I don't know what this, but it is definitely a sclerophyll. I'm guessing a lilly pilly... I better get back to studying Biology of Australian Flora and Fauna! [Lilly Pilly Gully, Wilson's Promontory])


  1. OK Doo! Now you're talking my language! The landscape pics are so beautiful and diverse, the animals exotic, the colors vibrant (or is it that $1700 camera.. that you can buy yourself when you get a real job :) ? I wish I could experience it all with you, but will resort to 'living it' thru your eloquent descriptions and photos. We are so glad you are digging to the heart of the country at so many levels- geography and nature, social mores and traditions, leisure and entertainment, while still(?) focusing on the education and academics! P.S. so you see different constellations in the southern hemisphere?

  2. Phenomenal pictures! It looks like you are having an incredible time.


  3. Wow,your Uncle Mike has an expensive camera like that but he only takes pics of his kids! The pictures of the stars and the moon are incredible. If your uncle sees those two pics he may leave me and the kids to come and join you on your adventures!

    Aunt A

  4. I am still faithful to your blogs and loving your pics and comments. So proud of you! Had coffee with your mom and maggie after church today to talk about Thanksgiving--yes, we will have turkey and all the trimmings on Saturday when you come home. Can't wait to see you!
    GMA H